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Thursday » July 27, 2017 

Information for Trainees about to enter BMT

You're just about to enter the Air Force, or you're considering it. You want to know what military service is all about. You've taken the first step by exploring your options in the military, meeting with your recruiter, and completing the test and physical for entry into the Armed Forces of the United States.

Your recruiter provides you with enough information to make an informed decision about life in the military and you've decided to join. What is your next step? You'll probably want a little more in-depth information about the toughest part of joining the military, Basic Military Training.

Life at the Air Force Basic Military Training is not easy, no matter what you've heard. BMT is designed to transform you from a civilian to a defender of freedom in 6 weeks. So read on, brave heart, and don't despair. Plenty of people have preceded you, and many more will follow, and all have served proudly.

Core Values

The Air Force has a strict code of conduct that you must follow in order to be successful in your military career. This code is part and parcel of the Core Values that will be instilled in you while you serve.

Training Overview

What's it really like to go through Basic Military Training? Read on...and do not fear. The single greatest obstacle you have to overcome is your own reluctance to push yourself to your own limits. Once you pass that milestone, it's smooth sailing.

Training Blocks

Here's the detail wherein the Devil lives. That's just an expression...your Training Insructors aren't all that bad. You're going to have a lot to do during BMT, so read up and be prepared. Some of these things won't mean much to you know, and a lot of it is dull paperwork, but the better prepared you are for all the red tape, the better off you'll be. Remember, gather as much information as you can that you think you'll need.

Physical Conditioning

Sweating, panting, grunting, screaming. That's what physical conditining is all about. Even though it sounds like some other kind of exertion, believe you me, it won't be as enjoyable. But if you tough it out, if you understand that all that work is making you strong and the TI's are only after you because they know you can be better than you are, then you'll do just fine. Hey, what's better than being outside in the sun and having a great time with your pals? Nothing. Nothing at all.

Shopping List

Here are a few items you'll need before you ship off for training. Don't bring anything you don't need, like your cell phone or your pocket TV, because you won't see them again until your training is over. Leave all that junk at home. Just bring along your sense of adventure and a toothbrush. That's all a real soldier needs. And maybe some toilet paper.

Words of Advice

Here is the truth from someone who's been there many, many times. An actual TI will give you the skinny on what it's like going through BMT.

Glossary of Terms

Lots of terminology you never heard before, or your not sure about. If there are some missing from our list (which we are sure there are) then let us know and we'll be glad to add them.


It's the military way to give long-winded names to things, then short it all into an acronym that's easier to remember. Then you forget the original name and only remember the acronym. Then someone comes along and asks you what that acronym stands for. This list is for you.

Basic Pay

Get some idea of what you're going to be paid. It's not just a job, it's an adventure. Okay, wrong service, but the sentiment is the same. You get paid for the work you do, so do it well and you'll see the benefit in your pocketbook.