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Friday » June 23, 2017 

Basic Military Training Overview

In response to an overwhelming request for this information, we have developed a brief overview of subjects and activities Airmen learn and participate in during their training. The information provided is directly out of the Basic Military Training Manuals I and II.

There is no specific order to the list; however, you can get a strong idea of what your son or daughter is going through. This list, however, does not take into consideration the daily functions each Airman goes through each day such as the exercise program, going to processing, initial shots, medical records processing and participating in other various activites.

As you can see, the Airmen are very busy during the 8-weeks of training being presented with a great deal of new information that they'll have to being to apply to their new lives.

As parents, friends and spouses you must be understanding and patient. If you don't receive mail or phone calls from your son or daughter, please allow about 10-12 days for things to settle down and certainly your son or daughter will call home for an extended chat or will write a letter telling all about their experiences!

For a break down of week-by-week activities visit our Training Blocks page.