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Friday » June 23, 2017 

Glossary of Terms

Airman Basic, the rank of your airman while in basic training. The term Airman is a title given to all men and women in the Air Force. There is no gender assigned to this noun and therefore you do not separate men from women like Air-Man and Air-Woman, because there is no such thing in the Air Force.
Air Force specially codes/ Enlisted Jobs in the Air Force.
Base Liberty
Privilege granted by Instructors to visit on-base facilities and enjoy free time away from the training environment. It is up to the Flight Instructor on when the Airmen will be released and what time they have to return to their dormitory. The hours an instructor my grant base liberty are between 5:00pm and 8:00pm. Base Liberty Does Not Equate to Visitation Rights. Liberty can be restricted or revoked at any time.
Bed Aligners
Makes sure each row of beds is in perfect alignment, one to the other.
Bowling Team
Cleans the bathroom, led by the Latrine Queen.
Chain of Command (CoC)
Sequence of individuals used to resolve problems within an organized from lowest to the highest levels of authority.
Chow Runner
Airman who announces that a flight is ready to enter the dining hall.
Preservation from loss, injury, decay or waste.
Core Values
The Air Force's Concept of ethnical standards; i.e., integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do.
Written guidance to ensure proper respect for individual in the chain of command as well as all military members whether officer or enlisted.
An act or ceremony that stems from tradition and is enforced as an written law.
Any language that belittles or injures ones reputation. Negative comments unfavorable, unflattering, or uncomplimentary.
Discourtesy, rudeness. To regard or treat with contempt or rudeness.
A sense of union and of common interests and responsibilities, as developed among a group of persons associated together.
Events Briefing
Detailed one hour orientation explaining all events that take place during the graduation week. Without exception, all visitors must attend one of these sessions.
Field Training Exercise (FTX)
Simulates a deployed Air Force site under attack conditions. Airman undergoing simulated chemical/biological attacks, during both day and night, have to rapidly don chemical gear.
A group of airmen that are in training together, consisting of approximately 45-60 trainees.
The ability and willingness to follow properly constituted authority.
House Mouse
Schedules people for Dorm Guard (standing at the door and not letting anyone without proper ID in).
Latrine Queen
Airman in charge of making sure the bathroom is spotless.
These are the folks who get to gather everyone's dirty clothes, launder them, then return them to the owner.
Go-between, mediator.
Military Bearing
An ability to maintain verbal, physical, and emotional composure under any circumstances.
Military Ceremony
PARADE: Friday - The Commanders review troops, formal graduations take place, and sometimes retirement ceremonies are held.
Something that one's efforts are intended to attain or accomplish; purpose; goal, target.
Operational Risk Management
A logic-based, common sense approach to making calculated decisions on human, material, and environmental factors before, during, and after Air Force missions activities and operations.
Permanent Party
Air force members who are permanently assigned to an Air force Base (duty station).
Any language that degrades or slanders the character, religion, sex, color, or ethnic background of someone.
The standing, practice, or methods of a professional, as distinguished from and amateur.
Postal Service Center (a.k.a., a branch Post Office).
A written defective (rule of order) prescribed by authority to set and control standards.
Reporting Statement
The "reporting statement" is "Sir (or Ma'am), Trainee Jones Reports, as Ordered!"
Signals the end of the official duty day, and serves as a ceremony for paying respect to the US flag.
A musical signal for the start of the duty day.
Road Guards
Individual chosen to protect the members of a formation while crossing streets or intersections.
Shoe Aligners
Aligns ALL the shoes to make sure they are in a perfect line.
A detailed description of requirements dimensions materials, etc.
The Squadron (unit) that your airman is assigned to while in basic training.
Cooperative effort by a group of persons working as a team to achieve a common cause or goal.
Town Pass
Airmen allowed to go off base within the San Antonio city limits between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Saturday Only: Airmen are allowed to go off base but only within San Antonio city limits, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Because delays in their release can occur, please be patient! Airman have been instructed to meet you at the Reception Center.
Airmen in the last (6th) week of training are eligible for visitation beginning on Thursday. Monday - Wednesday: There is NO visitation allowed. The Reception Center is closed but they will answer telephone calls. Thursday: Base Liberty only -- begins after 5:00 p.m., and may be limited due to potential training requirements. Friday: Visitation begins immediately after the completion of the Graduation Parade.