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Thursday » July 27, 2017 

Information for Families of BMT Trainees

The purpose of the pages in this section is to help the families of trainees through useful information about the many aspects of Basic Military Training at Lackland AFB. You'll find excellent information on travelling to San Antonio, sending letters to airmen in training, calculating graduation times, visitations, frequently asked questions and some other entertaining subjects. There is also an excellent section written especially for spouses of trainees that should help them adjust to military life by explaining many of the programs that will be made available to them, as well as giving them advice on many other subjects.

Best Hotel Rates

Our way of saying thanks for visiting our site, thanks for supporting someone in the military services, thanks for visiting our fair city, and just thanks for being you. We've managed to secure some discounts for hotel and car rentals. You'll find out more about that on this page.

Traveling Tips

Just a couple of helpful hints for your trip to San Antonio and Lackland AFB. Be sure and pack a lot of sunscreen, because it's always Hot in Texas! Except when it's not. Which isn't often. Another great page is the San Antonio page...you'll want to see all the wonderful places there are to visit in our town.


San Antonio is a fun city with too many things to do, places to eat and shop, and plenty of activities for adult and child alike. We also provide information about Lackland AFB, it's history and some of the benefits it offers visitors.

Postal Protocols

Explicit instructions on how, when, and where to mail letters to your airman. Even what not to send!

Graduation Dates

We know it's confusing trying to figure out when your Airman is going to graduate, so we made it easy for you.

Visting Trainees

The military is full of rules, and one of the most important to you during this time of training is when, how often, and where you can visit with your Airman. We've got the scoop on all the various factors.

Spousal Support

We're not leaving out all those spouses of Airman out there who are probably in the dark about what is happening to their Airman while they are in training. Okay, this section isn't about that. You'll find that information in the For the Trainees section. This page is about all the programs the Air Force provides to spouses of miliatry personnel. And there are a lot of them!

Poetic Reflections

In the past we received poetry from our visitors that we thought appropriate to the military experience. We posted them here, and we're always willing to post more. So break out the pen and pad, find a quite place to contemplate, and pen your lyricaly thoughts - then send them to us and we'll make you famous (or at least well read!).



There is a lot of information on these pages. Holiday schedules, and we don't know what else, because it is still a 'work in progress.' We're trying our best to make this site the best it can be. And please excuse any misspellings (yep, that's how you spell it!).

If there is anything missing from this area of the site, let us know and we'll get it up as soon as we can.