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Friday » June 23, 2017 

Lackland AFB

"Gateway to the Air Force"

Lackland AFB spreads over 7000 acres in the Southwest Texas. The main purpose of Lackland is to conduct Basic Military Training. It is the only entry point into the United States Air Force for all enlisted personnel. The demanding six-week course guarantees the men and women who enlist in the Air Force are taught the course values of integrity, service and excellence and integrated into the Aerospace team.

Each year, approximately 35,000 dedicated young men and women make the transition from civilian life to the United States Air Force. In addition to training, Lackland is also the home of Wilford Hall Medical Center (WHMC), the largest Air Force medical facility.

Lackland AFB is located in San Antonio, Texas, the ninth largest city and the home of the "Alamo". San Antonio is diverse in history and culture and there are numerous sights to visit from the famous San Antonio Missions, Market Square, the River Walk, Sea World, Fiesta Texas and the Tower of Americas. San Antonio is also the home of the 1999 and 2002 World Basketball Champions, The San Antonio Spurs.

Many facilities on base cater to visitors including the Air Museum, and the expansive Visitor's Center that includes gift shops, an art gallery, and mementos of the Air Force past. When you come to the base, we ask that you remember to show your respect to our great country and to the Air Force by wearing patriotic clothing, and showing respect for the place this base holds in the security of our country.

Most of the questions you have about training have probably already been answered in the Frequently Asked Questions, so check there first before asking a question in the Forum that might already have been answered. If after having read through all the pages of information on this site, you still have questions, send me an email inquiry and I will get back to you as soon as possible with an accurate and timely answer.