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Friday » June 23, 2017 

Graduation Dates

The Graduation Parade Ceremony is always held on Friday morning at 9:00 am at the Parade field. Your last opportunity to attend the events briefing at the Reception Center is on Friday at 7:15 am in the Auditorium. Busses will take you to the Parade field from the Reception Center starting at 7:30 am. Plan to arrive at Lackland AFB on Friday morning between 6:15 am - 6:45 am as the lines into the base can be long and slow --- and have your ID and proof of insurance with you.

Trainees may leave the base after 2pm on Friday and at 9am on Saturday for Town Pass.

Calculating the exact date of graduation is extremely easy!

  1. This formula does not change. Perform your calculations exactly as shown below.
  2. The date you arrive at will be very exact and accurate.
  3. There may be a Federal Holiday or two during your Airman's training. If a Federal Holiday falls during the 6th week of training, the Retreat Ceremony will be canceled for that week of training.
  4. The Graduation Ceremony (a.k.a. the Parade Ceremony) will be conducted regardless, and it is ALWAYS held on the Friday of the 6th week of training.
  5. Training officially begins on Monday in the next week after arrival.
  6. Basic Training will ALWAYS last for 8 weeks, from start to finish. 8 weeks is 8 weeks regardless!
  7. Trainees usually arrive on Lackland on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. If a trainee arrives on Friday night, or anytime on Saturday or Sunday, they will be held over for one additional week and will join the next incoming flight of trainees.

Calculation Factors:

  1. Arrived on 17 October
  2. Started training on 22 October
  3. Training Lasts for 8 weeks
  4. Graduation is always on a Friday

So, here is how the calculations would look:

Please!...don't listen to rumors and the vast quantities of misinformation that is rampant! The information I have cited above is correct and 100% accurate! All you need to know is the exact date that your Trainee arrived on Lackland AFB and follow these simple instructions.

For more information about Graduation Schedules and Events, visit our Visiting your Trainee page.