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Thursday » July 27, 2017 

Welcome To The World of BMT!


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This site contains the most current and accurate information available concerning United States Air Force Basic Military Training (BMT) at Lackland Air Force Base. Every year the Base trains and graduates thousands of professional Airmen, ready and willing to take on the rigorous duties required of military life to keep our country free. We celebrate their sacrifice to protect our freedom, and we celebrate their spirit to pursue life in the military forces. We also recognize that their families, friends, and loved ones feel deeply about the sacrifice that each and every Airman makes when he or she raises her hand to pledge their lives to the defense of the United States. Many of them will distinguish themselves in their military careers, many of them will become inspirations to younger generations, but all of them are exceptional individuals who merit our respect and our gratitude.

USAF ArtFor those of you searching for information about BMT, Lackland, San Antonio, and the military in general, you'll find a vast array of information on this site. Lackland is the only training facility for the United States Air Force, and so holds a place of honor in that distinguished military service. Many alumni of the Air Force return again and again to visit the place that they considered home, if even for a short while. This site is dedicated to them...and for you; to provide up to date, complete, and detailed information about all aspects of BMT. If you can't find it here, you won't find it elsewhere (but if you do, please let us know what it is we're missing)..

Organization of the Site:

This site is divided into four main sections each containing unique information as defined below. The Menu Bar to the left takes you to each section of the site. Each of these major sections consists of various pages, and each section will have a unique structure, as indicated by the changing Menu Bar. To switch sections, click on the 'Home Page' menu selection to be brought back here. Further, you may bookmark sections or pages, as you like, to return to them more easily.

For the Family »

By far, the largest section of our site. You'll find our Referral Services Network page here. If you have a son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandson, granddaughter, aunt, uncle, sister, brother, wife, husband, or friend (did I miss any?) attending training at Lackland AFB, this is the section for you. Start here to get information you're going to need to know about what is involved with military life, especially during the training period. There's information about graduation, travel tips, visitation, things to do in San Antonio, family support, and more. You'll also find our FAQs page here.

For the Trainee »

For those of you about to embark on your journey into military life, or your family who is as new to this as you are, you'll want to visit these pages designed specifically with the trainee in mind. There are lists of training weeks and the duties you'll be expected to carry out in each, a schedule for entering training, physical training expectations, and much more! Definitely spend some time here, recruit, but don't leave out your family; there's information in here they might also like to see.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this is a private commercial website. It is a completely independent site not affiliated with Lackland AFB, nor is it written, managed, funded, controlled, regulated or otherwise sanctioned by the United States Air Force, Air Force Basic Military Training or any other United States Government agency.